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Staffing Solutions
MEVTEC 360 LOCUM LIMITED is a reputable healthcare recruitment agency providing nurses all over the UK. We are ​'in it to make a difference' to the healthcare industry. We supply staff that are professional, competent, reliable, flexible and motivated.

We ensure that all our candidates comply with all statutory requirements; checking and confirming all qualifications, compulsory training and suitability to the job.

We are an ideal provider of nursing staff to healthcare organisations that may have staff shortage due to sickness, holiday off or rise in patient/client demand. We can supply nurses to healthcare organisation on demand such as hourly, daily, weekly, short and long-term basis. MEVTEC 360 LOCUM LIMITED provides staff 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Choosing MEVTEC 360 LOCUM LIMITED will guarantee sustainable quality staff.

Home Care

Personalised care
Care is planned around client preferred routine
We will always consider the client's own way of doing things
We will take a holistic approach to care
Client personal choices will be incorporated
We will make sure that the client is always involved in decision making about care.
All care plans will be reviewed and approved by the client before we use them.
We will endeavour to meet your preferred visit times and consult you about which care givers are suited to visit as it is important

We have qualified support staff available should any need support extra. OUR SUPPORTED LIVING AND DOMICILIARY CARE PROGRAMME HELP PEOPLE from all walks of life to live more independent and happy lives. We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting individuals in the community in homes they may already rent or own. Our services are targeted at adults at risk between the ages of 18- and over years.

Our programme provides support for people with:
* Recuperating discharged Patients
* Learning Difficulties
* Autistic spectrum conditions
* Complex needs
* Mental health problems
* A history of drug or alcohol dependency
About Our Home
1.3 bedrooms and each room can be personalised.
3.Lounge, TV, separate meeting room available.
4. Communal kitchen & garden
5.Placements can be for be short or long term.
6. Toilet and bathroom upstairs.